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Easy to use

It is hard to do business if you are busy writing travel orders, so we made the web site as simple as possible for you. If you decide to use our mobile app, you will be done in just two taps a day. It’s so simple, it will put a smile on your face! See how it works!

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Smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, Android or iOS devices - you name it, we’ve got you covered. Updated and accessible from any device at any time, safe, secure and always available. No matter where you travel, OdoCost makes sure it is all in the travel order.

Keep up with your team

OdoCost is a powerful tool that will make both your and your accountant’s life much easier. See trips or compare your team’s productivity and commitment on daily basis. You can now do it all with OdoCost!

Why OdoCost

Nobody likes writing travel orders. Let us do it for you!

OdoCost is the best web and mobile application on the market. Our team likes challenges more than a routine work, so we are committed to constantly improving it. We already have new great ideas that will add more value to both the mobile and web applications. All the money that are received through subscriptions for the next 5 years, will be invested in development.

We want to save your time, minimize bureaucracy and simplify your workflow. While OdoCost can’t run your finances (yet ;) ), it makes writing travel orders a thing of the past, keeps your accountants happy and gives you a powerful tool to check up on your trips. Our plan is to keep you smiling.