Questions & Answers

What happens after my trial period expires?

After you trial period expires, your account is switched to OdoCost Free plan.

How do I setup the cost per distance unit?

You set it the first time you open OdoCost. If you want to change it later, you can do that at any time in the settings menu on the mobile and web application.

Do I have to pay to use the mobile applicaiton?

Using the OdoCost mobile application is free, but if you would like to use all the possibiliets of OdoCost, you should subscribe to the higher plans

Can I use the mobile app without internet?

Yes! You can record everything on your phone while you are offline, and later when you connect to the internet the app will automatically sync your data.

How can I edit a route?

On your mobile application you can just add additional cost, while on the web application you can edit your route details and also add additional cost.

How can I attach additional cost for past routes?

You can attach additional cost on both your mobile application and the web application.

Is there any limit on how many employees can be within the company?

There is a maximum limit according to our plans. However with the Corporate plan you can have unlimited number of employees.

Can I belong in several companies?

No, you can't. If for any reason you need to belong to another company, you should register a new account with different email address.

Do I need to have company email to use OdoCost within the company?

It is not necessary, you can use it with any email address as long as the manager of the company invites you.

Who manages the employees?

The manager of the company should register first and set the company details. Later he invites other employees by email to join OdoCost and his company.

How do I add employee to my team?

You can do this within the web application, in Settings menu, User Management tab. Here you can add employees to your company and assign the permissions.

Who enters the vehicles?

Each user enter the vehicles he uses.

Can I as a manager remove routes from my employees?

Only the employee who has recorded the route can edit or remove it.

Can I merge two accounts?

You should contact us and we will give our best to help you.

What happens after I leave the company?

When you leave the company, a new company is created for you where you are the only employee. You can use it either as that, or join a new company.

What happens when I delete/deactivate my account?

Your data is kept on our server for 30 days in case you change your mind to come back.

My account has been deleted. Can I restore my data?

If you come back to us within 30 days, you can activate your account again without loosing your data. After that your data is permanently removed.

Can I use the application in other countries?

You don't have any limit where you can use OdoCost.

Is my data safe and protected?

We are using latest technology standards to make sure your data is safe and protected. Your privacy is our top priority.

Can I have several accounts?

Yes, you can have several accounts at once.

I received an invitation from a Manager to join OdoCost, how do I proceed?

You should click the big red button in the email, and follow the steps.

How do I record a trip with multiple additional costs with different currencies?

Currently you can record a trip only using one currency. If you have additional costs in other currencies, you should calculate and add the same amount in the currency you have already set to be using.
For the next route, you can switch the default currency for your account.

What if the syncing fails on the mobile application? Is my data safe?

Your data will be kept safe on the mobile application until you get the next successful syncing.

The reminders I have set are not working. What should I try?

You should check your phone settings if you have given permission to OdoCost to set the reminders.

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